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SilentPCReview, a professional site devoted to the PC noise issue and its solutions, provides many most valuable forums on various related topics.


The Silent PC E-mailing List

The Silent PC e-mailing list is intended for those interested in buying, building, discussing and using silent computers and silent computer components.

At the bottom of the first page you find the addresses for to subscribe, post and unsubscribe to the list. You don't have to sign in as a Yahoo!® Groups member to read and post.

Hrvoje Nezic was the one who in May 2000 took the initiative to the Silent PC e-mailing list, which for some years used to be the World's most important noiseless computing forum. und Forum and provides noiseless computing forums in German. with forums in French.


Newsgroup on Acoustics

alt.sci.physics.acoustics - a newsgroup intended for general discussions and questions on acoustics and noise.


The Silent PC Newsgroup?

The silent PC e-mailing list has in early 2002 been discussing whether or not to work for a Silent PC usenet newsgroup. The wast majority on the list thought that a newgroup on the same subject as the list would be of no benefit.

Since the people of an e-mailing list might be prone to prefer that sort of communication, is it an open question if the World also could find use for a newsgroup on the subject. Anyone that want to work for a newsgroup on the acoustic aspect of PC or IT ergonomics can check the Usenet Volunteer Votetakers site for how to do it.


Google Groups

Google Groups can be used to search old archives of, and post to today's usenet.


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