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Last modified January 1, 2022


Since 1998

The Silent PC was added to the World Wide Web in November 1998. At that time there was little written on the acoustic aspect of information technology ergonomics, and there were few signs of any market for acoustic comfort. At the same time were many people, the site author included, heard complaining about the noise emissions from their computers. It was also early recognized that building very quiet computers wasn't too complicated, or too expensive: It was obvious that industry lacked incentive to produce quiet products. These were the four main reasons for creating a web page on the IT noise issue.

The first single page was in November 2001 for to improve readability divided into several ones. May 2003 the site was transferred from to I realized that the url without www better conforms with my strive for simplicity, and with the intention to enrich the domain with more subjects The Silent PC April 2013 moved to the subdirectory

the early layout

The leaves were part of the single page layout the first years.

We have since 1998 seen an enormous increase of interest in noiseless computing. Where there used to be little to find when searching the World Wide Web for the subject, can we now find hundreds of thousands of references. Low levels of noise emissions are today often regarded a natural aspect of IT ergonomics, and in most IT related magazines and at most IT related web sites is it at this point possible to find hardware reviews including products' acoustic aspects, and advertisements for quiet PCs and components for to build quiet PCs. There are now several most initiated hardware reviewing web sites specifically focusing on low-noise computing.

Acoustic comfort is also clearly becoming a product and service differentiator in other areas than for IT equipment: The automotive, air-conditioning, home appliance, building, hotel, train, heavy equipment and aircraft industries are just a few examples of business fields that nowadays invest a lot money to achieve low levels of distracting sounds, and in sound quality engineering.

The Silent PC web site main goal was in the early 2000's fulfilled, and it is since about 2005 rarely updated. The site is kept for historical reasons and as a reference.


The Silent PC

The Silent PC web site since 1998 is a mark of Tomas Risberg, Sweden. Between 2003 and 2004 it was a trademark and between 2005 and 2015 a registered trademark of Tomas Risberg. The site was never, and is not commercial.

The Site Author

My name is Tomas Risberg. I am a physician - specialist in child- and adolescent psychiatry, aduld psychiatry and adult neurology. The Silent PC used to be one of my spare time projects. I am autodidact in the acoustical and computer sciences.

The Swedish flag - click to come to Virtual Sweden - the official gateway to Sweden  I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.



Here are a few articles and a radio series where The Silent PC web site has been mentioned:

  • HOW SPCR CAME TO BE: 2001~2005
  • "Sounds of Silencers Are Loud and Clear: PCs Are Too Noisy" - an article by Charles Forelle in The Wall Street Journal June 2, 2005, page A1.
  • The Noisy Ape - a program series on BBC World Service Radio.
  • Making a big noise about quiet PCs - by Gordon Laing in Personal Computer World and IT Week.
  • The State of Computer Noise: January 2003 - a SilentPCReview article.
  • Reflections by Dave Pearman in PCPlus #192
  • PCs: For Whom the Decibels Toll: a business news from Wired News article.
  • "Hush, little PC", by Robert Bryce, a staff writer for the Austin Chronicle, here writes at


    Potential Conflict of Interest

    The Silent PC web site is an independent publication. It has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by any of the companies or other sources here mentioned or cited. What at some instances might seem like advertisements for individual products, companies, organizations and nations is in fact:

  • Promotion of the possibility to choose also in the world of sound: Here this means improving manufacturers' and sellers' freedom of competition and purchasers' freedom of choice in acoustic comfort, ie products and services with low levels of unintentional distracting sound and optimized sound quality - markets where interested purchasers, manufacturers and sellers, even if now easier, still face difficulties to meet.
  • Promotion of the information society concept: Here this means an era where knowledge, communication and the human thought are in focus, where we need an as high as possible signal-to-noise ratio at every possible level, and where sound of course isn't limited to be something unwanted, but is one most important carrier of meaningful information.



    I try to come as close to the truth as possible. This implies that something that was stated here one month, may change the next.

    Human error is always possible, and I do not warrant that my web site's information is accurate or complete. Readers should confirm the information here provided from other sources prior to use.



    Here is where to write:



    First: Thanks a lot to the information technology industry for having developed the fantastic products that made this site at all possible! The content here would also never have been what it is if it wasn't for all the e-mail responses to it. Therefore: Thanks to everybody that have contributed their most valuable suggestions for the site. Thanks also for all encouraging mail.

    Special gratitude is pointed to:

  • Acoustical Society of America's Standards Office for kind help regarding IT noise standards.
  • ECMA International, also for help in sorting out questions related to standardization.
  • The International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC, for information on the international noise declaration standards.

  • International Organization for Standardization, ISO, for your IT noise standards.

  • Swedish Civil Aviation Administration for sharing your air traffic control safety knowledge.
  • Swedish Air Force and Gripen International® for sharing some of your knowledge in the ergonomics of sound.
  • Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Hans Jonasson, for help related to noise measurement and declaration.
  • Acoustic Control Laboratories, Nils-Åke Nilsson, for confirming the accuracy of the site's items related to the science of acoustics, and for sharing your valuable knowledge in this field.
  • Ingemansson Technology AB for an inspiring dialogue and for help with some acoustic factual content.
  •, Glenn Garrett, for your support.
  • SilentPCReview, Mike Chin, for a lot interesting new ideas and facts, helping me with questions related to the English language, and for being someone to share a common interest with.
  • Nick Towers, Centre for Sustainable Energy, and someones who wish to remain anonymous, for their help on improving parts of the site language.
  • The Silent PC e-mailing list for a lot interesting thoughts and tips.
  • All of you linking to the site.
  • Google for making valuable content searchable.
  • for your excellent HTML-KIT html editor.


    The Site Layout

    The site is intended to work best with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, but be readable on resolutions as low as 640 x 480.

    The small colored bullets ( new & updated ) are intended for those who visit the site regularly. They are removed as the item has been on the site for some months.


    Copyrighted © All Rights Reserved

    The Silent PC web site is, as stated at the bottom of every page, copyrighted intellectual property of Tomas Risberg 1998-2022. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of the site author is prohibited.

    Exceptions from this copyright statement are of course cited text, external sources' trademarks, logos, copyrighted photos and documents.

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